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Bespoke Intranet App for Internal Communications


  • Ability to import employee profiles from an existing database (officelime)
  • Ability to post timed message boards (expiring after 48hrs)
  • Ability to log out a user after a defined time
  • Ability to show the history of user login/logouts of users
  • Ability to show major events and holiday calendar
  • Departmental sites, such as HR, Legal, IT, etc, where content pertaining to these departments can be shared with all staff/relevant department staff
  • The portal provides password-based access to all employees of ENYO. The portal is envisaged for the internal users of ENYO only.
  •  The portal has the ability to issue circulars and notices to the entire organization/ select user groups.
  • Ability to send email/SMS notifications when there is a new post to the entire organization/ select user groups.
  • Designation based access to information to be provided
  • The portal also has the capability to be accessed from outside the ENYO network through a secure means.
  • Ability to carry out internal surveys etc.
  •  Ability to publish business procedures and policies, and make subsequent amendments to them on the web-portal which are accessible to all the Employees
  • Ability to search and display contact details and other public information of ENYO employees.
  • Ability to generate various tracking reports (e.g. details of staff that have read a particular publication)


Project Description

Our team was charged with the responsibility of developing a Central Information App, which served as a one-stop-shop for timely and timed information sharing to all ENYO staff. The app comes with a properly structured site-map and content. Furthermore, there is proper coding of the app to enhance integration with existing staff database application (Officelime), message dashboard with expiration after (48hrs), ability to show major holidays, events with proper privileges, security, and many more features.  

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