Case Study / Digital Transformation
Philips Outsourcing


The Problem

Philips Outsourcing is a forerunner within the HR Consulting space in Nigeria. As an organisation, they struggled with sorting and  filtering CVs, as well as manually tracking applications of candidates during the recruitment process.


The Solution

The purpose of the project was to help the organisation (Philips Outsourcing) to develop an application tracking system to help ease the pain of manually sorting through CVs during the process of recruiting new employees.


What We Did

After having a clear understanding of their needs, our team delivered a robust, multi-purpose platform that makes it easy for HR managers to log on and recruit, onboard, assess, deploy, and send notifications to staff. The application also provides a seamless flow for candidates to follow through their job application process right up until they become employees. It then gives room for employees to manage processes such as leave, payslip, complaints and suggestions, appraisal and resignation. The system helps to automatically track the life cycle of Philips Outsourcing recruitment workflow and other related processes



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